How to Unblock VoIP

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  • Is VoIP blocked by your ISP?
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There are thousands of VoIP providers and millions of VoIP users all over the world. For example one of the most famous VoIP service is Vonage. Problem is that VoIP is blocked or restricted in some Locations. Also VoIP is blocked by some ISP or Mobile Operators. Sometimes VoIP is allowed but quality is artificially decreased by internet service provider.


If VoIP is blocked in your Location or ISP decrease the quality of internet calls then you can use VPN connection to bypass such blocking or restricting. When you are connected VPN all your data are encrypted and hidden in the tunnel, so your ISP is not able to see what are you doing on the internet. That's why VoIP can not be blocked or restricted. VPN connection also gives you better privacy of your internet calls.

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